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Flexibility at Work

15 minutes


A key challenge for companies now and into the future, is effectively managing arrangements around in-office, hybrid and remote working. As companies consider what the future of work means to them and to their employees, it is clear that offering flexibility around how, when and where employees work, creates a competitive advantage. In addition to meeting employees' expectations, increased flexibility also benefits EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion), as well as offering a greater opportunity to attract and retain top talent, to drive employee engagement and to become an employer of choice.

We offer practical guidance on overcoming the many challenges, enabling your leaders to be intentional around implementing flexible work arrangements that benefit your business and employees. We examine productivity and support you to establish a work environment where people can work in a sustainable manner, performing to a high standard now, without negatively impacting future performance.

People who log off at the end of the work day reported 20% higher productivity scores than those who feel the pressure to work after hours

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