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EU Directives and Irish mandatory requirements

2 hours


Building out a leadership strategy for greater gender balance in your Organisation requires strategic intent and leadership buy-in.  It is challenging, but with a clear roadmap with key milestones, we can support you to unlock your employees full potential to thrive and contribute with impact, whilst addressing your gender pay gap measures over time.

We will support you and your team through various elements including, understanding the urgent need for change and the benefits, data gathering, building a shared vision, creating accountability and commitment, with toolkits to facilitate & embed change, as well as measuring impact.

  • Women make up 57% of the overall workforce

  • Comparatively, women make up only 27% of the workforce in the technology industry

  • Of the 27% that join the technology industry, more than 50% are likely to quit before the age of 35

  • 56% are likely to quit by midcareer

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