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Active Allyship

30 minutes


Active allies can help create an environment where everyone can thrive and where everyone’s voice can be heard. Why hire clever people but not listen to them? Join our ‘Active Allyship’ workshop, where you will gain the skills to be an advocate and champion for Equity, Diversion and Inclusion (EDI). We surface common myths and equip you to identify and address implicit biases.

The workshop enables the cultivation of a more inclusive workplace culture, offering meaningful support to colleagues from underrepresented groups. We enable your people to go beyond silent solidarity and commit to sponsoring and advocating for those in marginalised groups. 

A core element of this workshop is working with your people to uncover real stories of allyship and sponsorship, to inspire and promote reflection, learning and positive change. This leads to opportunities for shared learning and increased connection among your people, as well as actionable insights to drive positive change.

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