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The Economics of Gender Parity

Businesses do not seek to lose profits or diminish value for shareholders. Forward thinking leaders build sustainable strategies for long-term value creation. In a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace, is your business prepared for tomorrow’s economy? The world has changed; your customers have changed – does your business reflect the future of work in its workforce, its thinking, its visible leadership, its strategic plans? Can gender parity & diversity of thought be an extra edge? 

As the 54th Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) continues this week, on Tuesday, 16th January at 15:00 CET there is a session on ‘The Economics of Gender Parity’, the session focuses on:  

“The potential gains from closing economic gender gaps could unlock a “gender dividend” of $172 trillion for the global economy, while closing the gender investment gap could add $3 trillion to assets under management in the US alone.  In a period of economic fragility, what changes need to be implemented to unlock the benefits of greater gender parity?”. 

Hosted by the WEF Centre for the New Economy and Society and linked to the WEF ‘Global Gender Parity Sprint’ strategy.  The key objectives of the Gender Parity Accelerators are: 

  • Enabling women’s participation in the labour force 

  • Closing the gender wage gap 

  • Advancing women into leadership and management roles 

  • Hardwiring gender parity into the future of work 

The Gender Parity accelerators tackle systemic, structural issues which place obstacles in front of women being able to access economic and workplace equity.  These include quality and affordable childcare, social safety nets, flexible work arrangements and discriminatory social norms; whilst also promoting:  

  • Pay transparency 

  • Enhance work quality and pay standards 

  • Set targets for women in leadership 

  • Create workforce diagnostics (to measure) 

  • Reskilling and upskilling initiatives to boost women’s employment in high growth sectors 


Is your business ready for tomorrow’s economy?  Are all your employees thriving?  Is herd mentality influencing outcomes over innovation and sustainable value creation?   Have you got meaningful diversity of thought at your leadership level empowering different perspectives to try minimise blindspots? 

Talk to TrustWorki today about our Gender Balance initiatives including: 

  • Gender-proofing your hiring, recruitment and onboarding practices 

  • As part of our Women in Leadership programme 

    • Future leader’s sustainable development 

    • Re-ignite your career for women returners (health, maternity, domestic violence, career break) 

    • Mentoring magic, it goes both ways sharing experiences up & down the career path 

  • Inclusive leadership 

  • Counteracting Microaggressions



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