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Happy International Men’s Day 2023 from TrustWorki!

Today, on November 19th, International Men's Day celebrates worldwide the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. It is about focusing on men's health and wellbeing: social, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It also aims to highlight discrimination against men in areas of social services, social attitudes and expectations, and law. International Men’s Day has a goal of highlighting positive role models and to raise awareness of men's well-being. The theme for 2023 is “zero male suicide”.

One of TrustWorki’s dreams is gender equity. One key driver of gender equity is flexibility in the workplace re where and how people work. Let’s not regress, let’s not forget the lessons we learned during the pandemic on what is actually possible from a flexibility perspective. When men have more opportunity to work flexibly, they benefit personally and it has a positive impact on gender equity.

On International Men’s Day, let’s take the time to think about norms that negatively impact men. Let’s all move away from statements like ‘man up’, to a place of mutual respect and compassion. We encourage all men to:

  • give themselves the gift of self-reflection to understand what really matters to them and to articulate what they need to be happy and fulfilled

  • talk about their health and prioritise taking action to address any concerns

  • speak about their worries and concerns with those they trust. Don’t feel the need to go it alone

  • talk about how they feel. Emotions are there to help us understand when something feels ‘off’. It is important to listen to the heart and gut as well as the head.

  • just listen when someone shares a problem, without feeling they have to solve everything

  • reject the notion that they need to shoulder all the responsibility, and to ask for support when needed. A problem shared is a problem halved!

  • take time to consider what brings joy and make time for these things

  • know they are worth it – book that massage or holistic therapy treatment, give mindfulness a try (remember it is called mindfulness practice for a reason!), get out for a walk or whatever works for them

On International Men’s Day, at TrustWorki we would like to show gratitude for and to celebrate our male allies and positive role models, men who:

  • make space for voices of underrepresented groups to be heard, noticing who is not in the room and taking action to address the imbalance

  • actively engage in the conversation on gender equity

  • shine a light on the great people they work with, from underrepresented groups, supporting them to achieve their potential

  • listen as attentively to women as they do to men, stepping in when women are interrupted or are not credited for an idea

  • take the time to educate themselves on gender equity, actively following women who write on this topic

  • learn more about microaggressions and the impact on marginalised groups

  • show curiosity, asking the women in their lives about their lived experience

  • seek out books, films, articles and TV programmes about or by women

  • recognise their male privilege and seek to balance the scales, being willing to question their biases

  • reject the expectations of the world around toxic masculinity, courageously speaking out against this

To the great men in our lives, we see you and are grateful for you!

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

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