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Does Trust matter? Davos thinks so.

Why does trust matter? The theme for the 54th Davos aims to restore collective agency, and reinforce the fundamental principles of transparency, consistency, and accountability among leaders. For workplaces trust fosters engagement, collaboration, robust decision making, stronger team dynamics and builds psychological safety.  Trust is a key tenet of the future of work, as it positively impacts team performance and business results for long-term value creation.

As example, compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report:

  • 74% less stress

  • 106% more energy at work

  • 50% higher productivity

  • 13% fewer sick days

  • 76% more engagement

  • 29% more satisfaction with their lives

  • 40% less burnout!

You can read more about trust in our blog post here Workplace Trust matters.

At Davos 2024 there are four key themes under the header of ‘Rebuilding Trust’, one of which is ‘Creating Growth and Jobs for a New Era’.  Discussions under this theme ask, ‘how can we minimize trade-offs and maximize synergies in a situation where traditional measures seemingly fail?’.  Insights within this theme explore how government, business and civil society can rally around a new economic framework, preparedness for tomorrow’s economy, to ensure sustainable growth with people at its heart, for an equitable prosperity for all. 

It also discusses the necessity for leadership transformation into a model of integrated leadership, with the latest research indicating that integrated leadership is more effective in tackling challenges and delivering on the bottom line.  Integrated leadership combines relational, people-centred skills with task focused skills, it is a more inclusive form of trusted leadership, where individual and collective impact is unlocked.

The four key themes for Davos 2024 are:

  • Achieving security and cooperation in a fractured world

  • Creating growth and jobs for a new era

  • Artificial intelligence as a driving force for the economy and society

  • A long-term strategy for climate, nature and energy

To see the full list of who’s coming, timings of events and talks, key topics being covered and how to tune into listen, watch or playback, see links below:


As part of being prepared for tomorrow’s economy, businesses and workforces need increased preparedness and resilience to be better able to anticipate, manage and rebound more efficiently from shocks and their ripples, both at home and globally.  With this year’s Davos theme of ‘Rebuilding Trust’, there has never been a more crucial time for trust to play a role in sustainable competitiveness, innovation and thriving workplaces; and we at TrustWorki are trust experts. 

At TrustWorki we can support upskilling and reskilling your people to be better prepared for what tomorrow may bring through our workshops and development programmes, we can help you build workplaces of gender equity, thriving teams and progressive leadership.

Talk to TrustWorki today about our trust and psychological safety initiatives including:

  • Cultivating culture and values

  • Team Dynamics

  • Inclusive leadership

  • As part of our Women in Leadership programme

o   Future leader’s sustainable development

o   Re-ignite your career for women returners (health, maternity, domestic violence, career break)

o   Mentoring magic, it goes both ways sharing experiences up & down the career path

  • Microaggressions interventions

Talk to us today for a confidential chat or drop us a line to

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